Current Studies

Currently, we have several funded studies in the DSRG laboratory. Over the last several years we have received generous funding from the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation and Research Down Syndrome. We are also funded by the Thrasher Pediatric Research Fund and the Lejeune Foundation. 

1) We are engaged in a number of measurement validation studies to determine the best cognitive assessments to use in outcome studies of treatments in Down Syndrome. Currently, we are developing a battery of tests for younger children (ages 5-11 years) and serving as one site in a worldwide study sponsored by F. Hoffman La Roche to validate outcome assessments in older children and young adults (ages 11-30 years).

2) We are examining the impact of sleep apnea on cognitive and behavioral outcomes in children with DS ages 2-18 years old. We are also very interested in processes of consolidation and abstraction during sleep and have initiated new work to determine the impact of variations in sleep on memory and learning in DS. 

3) We are a site of the Down Syndrome Phenotype Project, one of the largest studies to examine the impact of health and biological factors (i.e. genetics) on cognitive outcomes in Down Syndrome to date. Funded by the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation, this study is conducted across six sites in the US, including Arizona, Johns Hopkins, Emory University, UC Davis, Oregon Health Sciences Center, and Children's National Medical Center.

4) Individuals with DS show difficulties with memory and learning. We would like to understand the brain basis for these effects. We are funded by the DSRTF, Research Down Syndrome, and the Jerome Lejeune foundation to assess patterns of memory function using high density EEG. This method is a noninvasive technique to measure brain activity.

5) Given there is so much focus on the function of memory systems in Down syndrome and in mouse models of DS, we are looking at the types of memory and learning that may be spared or compromised in humans with DS. This study is run by Goffredina Spano, a graduate student in our lab. Email Dina at to participate in this work.

We have spaces in all of these studies. Call or email us if you are interested!

Caroline Ganz and her daughter Aileen participated in one of our studies and had this to say about their experience with us:

"Aileen and I want to put in our two cents regarding this worthwhile project which stands to benefit all parties down the road with more knowledge and understanding of how individuals with Down syndrome think, process information, interact. Much of it is on computer, which most young folk find enjoyable, and it all takes place under the warm and friendly eye of Jamie Edgin and her wonderful U of A volunteers. The more input they receive for this research, the more valid and valuable it will be - not to mention the opportunity for a new relationship!"


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